Krzysztof Chalupka: Code

Visual Causal Feature Learning ( Python Code, Tetrad counter-examples)
Code implements Algorithms 1 and 2 from our UAI 2015 paper and reproduces the GRATING experiment. Written in Python, requires Theano and Pylearn2. The counter-examples implement Tetrad models from Supplementary Material B.
Causal Feature Learning: El Nino Discovery ( IPython (Jupyter) Notebook and Data ),
Code reproduces our El Nino discovery experiment from the UAI 2016 paper. Uses Theano/Lasagne.
Causal Feature Learning: 1D causal pair example ( IPython (Jupyter) Notebook and Data ),
Causal Feature Learning experiment with detailed visualizations and explanations on simple 1d data. Theano/Lasagne.
Generalized Regressive Motion (Code, Movies)
Code implements simulations from our 2015 GRM paper, and Movies contains Supplmentary Movies S1-S5 (captions available in the paper). Written in Matlab. Start with RUN_SIMULATION.m.

Krzysztof Chalupka
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