Implementation of "Bilayer Segmentation of Live Video"

Yi Wang

California Institute of Technology

yiw at caltech dot edu



This program is an implementation of "Bilayer segmentation of live video" by A. Criminisi et al. It segments the foreground/background out of video sequences. The method used is derived from the paper, but not completely the same. Please refer to the documentation in the code.

Most functions are written in Matlab (R2006a). V. Kolmogorov's energy minimization software (in C++) is used.

How to use:
minE.cpp needs to be compiled in Matlab. You do not need to modify anything if you are using the g++ compiler; however if you are using the Microsoft Visual C/C++ compiler, you may need to modify the lines 33-34 (see the code for more information)

Video and ground truth data can be downloaded from I used the AC sequence to test the implementation (put in MovieData\AC).

computebeta.m and computemotionlikeli.m are used to compute the priors from the GT.

You can run mainloop.m to test the implementation and test.m to output the results. Please see the documentation in the code for more details.

Feel free to improve the implementation.

(Tested under windows, Visual C++ 7.1 compiler and RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, GNU c++ compiler.)


Examples of results: 1  2  3-1  3-2

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