Week-end rides to Mt Wilson and Chaney trail

Lousy day in Pasadena
computer cable on Christophe's bike
La Canarda under the clouds
Christophe waits while I take pictures
going up the Crest
I see the sky !
We reach the end of the clouds layer...
and temperatures go up by 20 degrees.
Indian music at Red Box.
The lazy riders at the top of Wilson.
Pretty hot here.
Looking down to the clouds above Pasadena
The next valley to the east is clear of clouds.
on our way down.
Sunday evening, top of Lake avenue.
Looking down to Altadena
20% slope here
It's so steep I fall back and crash.
Alright, let's continue.
19:30, we just climbed 2000ft.
The sun is going down, we turn back.
The house of my PhD advisor in Altadena.