Valentine's day century

I had no date on Valentine's day, so I went out for a century ride on the Angeles Crest. Ofer, Ben and Myriam had also nothing better to do than riding their bike, and came with me on part of the ride. Actually Ben and Ofer were much faster than Myriam, so I stayed behind with Myriam before continuing alone.

It turned out to be a beautiful day for biking in the mountains, not too hot and not too cold, with plenty of snow along the way above 6000ft. I had expected temperatures to be below freezing with the altitude. In fact it didn't even get below 45F. My plan was to go up to Dawson Saddle at 8000ft, but the last part of the road was closed because of the snow, so I had to turn back. Finally, I did 98 miles with 10300ft of climbing.

Myriam in full (slow) action
beautiful day, isn't it ?
The view on the San Bernardinos is very clear.
Remaining leaves from the fall.
The usual look...
...toward Mt Wilson
I think Ofer and Ben did the Big Tujunga loop
Lunch at Newcomb Ranch. Nice people there, but slow.
Alpine landscape at 6500ft, snow and pine trees.
Mt Waterman, I'm still in good shape...
... after climbing 7000ft
Ski area. Actually the ski lifts are closed.
arghh... now the road is really closed.
damn, I'm missing the final 1200ft climb
Sun's going down.
I put the balaclava on for the downhill
In Pasadena, Valentine's day flowers for Chihiro