Pictures from the Thanksgiving holiday

This week-end, no organized bike ride report, but a few pictures taken along the holiday. The weather was excellent from thursday to sunday, so I could get quite a few occasions to go out and bike. About 30 miles on thursday, 35 on saturday and 60 on sunday.

My theory on cycling is that prices go down in the winter (nobody's on his bike except for people in California and racers in Colorado) and back up in the spring/summer. Good occasion for buying a bike ! I was initially looking for a good deal on a Trek carbon, 5200 or 5900, one size larger than my current blue one. After missing a few good deals on 5900s, I saw an ad for a Merlin Extralight that seemed to be my size. I've never tried titanium bikes, so that sounded like a good occasion ! Most people who buy a bike test-ride it at a bike shop, then buy. Well, I do exactly the opposite: I buy, then I try... it just annoys me to go to a bike shop and test-ride their bikes when I perfectly know that high-end bikes are too expensive for me to buy new.

A quick discussion on price and two money orders later, I received the Merlin in due time and perfect condition. Full campy record 9spd and campy Nucleon wheels, this bike is really nice. I'm not saying "better or not as good" as the Trek carbon before doing 2-300 miles with it, but I think it fits me slightly better, and this is important.

Unpacking the Merlin, what a nice bike !
Ain't that a scary seat ?
Going out - Looking towards Glendale.
I like Thanksgiving, perfect day for a ride
I'm close to the Art Center. Altadena and the San Gabriels
The seats for the Rose Parade are already up !
Pasadena from the top of Lake avenue
Cobb estate, some good trails start here.
Myriam and Janette invited me for the afternoon.
The turkey-eating gang
The bird's having a bad time under Myriam's knife
Trying to digest... sorry, to play ping-pong
Saturday morning. Biking with Myriam today.
Chantry flats is quite steep but not too long.
We turn back at the ranger station
Nice day, isn't it ?
Overlooking Arcadia and Sierra Madre.
Back in Sierra Madre. Damn, I lost Myriam !
Group ride having breakfast in Sierra Madre.
Sunday morning, I'm going on Steve's ride
Steve (right) owns the bike shop where I go
Camino San Rafael, tough climb in Glendale.
Downtown LA in the background
Jay (red) breaks a spoke, we help him