Tour de Palm Springs

First century ride in 2004, the Tour de Palm Springs. This is also the largest cycling event I've been to - with 5000 riders, you barely feel like you're in the desert. Well, you would forget about the desert, if it was not for the sun, the high temperatures, and the sand dunes. Anyway, this was a nice ride, I completed the 100 miles in 6h38, about 1/2 hour faster than last year.

Last year's route sheet. The route didn't change
6:30am, the streets are full of cyclists
The ride starts from Palm Springs high school
I try to access the registration booth.
Here's the start.
A band is playing, off I go.
A hand-powered tricycle on the 50 miles ride.
Going towards the mountains
We reach the hills, everybody slows down.
First rest stop is too crowded, I don't stop
I ride a while with Daniel, he has...
... the same Merlin I have, only more recent.
Lunch stop. It's 10:30am, but food's welcome
Hanami for Chihiro
I'm a bit tired, after 75 miles.
Trek's new carbon bike, the Madone.
Purple flowers in the sand
Riding between sand dunes
At the finish, plenty of booths selling stuff.
I got a T-shirt.
The century was not difficult but I'm tired.
Packing the bike in the car.