Spooktacular Century, October 06

Wow, this was a hard century. A century with 10,000ft of climbing is always something difficult, but this one felt more difficult than any other one I've done. The climbs were steep and long, the downhill was either steep and full of sand, or had strong headwind. The support was not bad, but poorly organized, with a lunch stop at mile 80, which was also the only stop offering salty food, and NO gatorade at any stop. Good thing I was expecting this and packed ham&cheese sandwiches. Stats of the ride: 110 miles, 10,000ft of climbing, energy spent: a lot. I was alone on most of the ride, so most pictures below are of landscapes...

Breckenridge mountain is the hard, 6000ft climb of the ride
My sleeping setup, a bit lousy in the rain
6am, looking towards the start
Starting the climb on Breckenridge mountain.
Sky's covered. 60% chances of rain
First rest stop
around 5000ft elevation I reach the fog layer
Some blue sky ! There will be no rain today
At higher elevation more trees start to appear
Finally, I reach the summit at 6700ft
Tired but still in reasonably good shape
A bit of snow left on the downhill.
Trying to show how steep the downhill is
Rest stop at mile 52 - only sugary stuff to eat
Later on, downhill with strong headwind.
At long last, sandwiches at mile 82
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