Santa Barbara to Los Angeles

Late September was the annual retreat of an engineering center regrouping several labs at Caltech, including mine. The retreat was at El Capitan canyon, a family resort 20 miles north of Santa Barbara along the Pacific Coast Highway. Free lodging, free food, free gas and tons of free talks were involved. Still, I would have preferred to spend the week-end on the bike at my own expense. So after saturday's talks, I decided to leave my car to my friend Alex to drive back, and to bike back to Pasadena. I had not planned anything, but knew most of the roads from previous rides. In total, the trip turned out to be 140 miles long.

6am, sunrise near Santa Barbara
State street in Santa Barbara
On the beach
Arrows from a century ! Let's follow them
Damn, that road is really closed.
Back to the PCH
I hit a big rock and crash
Left arm and leg are all bloody.
And no luck, I still have 100 miles to go.
Too early, In&Out's not open yet
With some tailwind, I make good progress
The Point Mugu naval base
Riding again on the coast around mile 100
Still some tailwind, I take advantage of it.
I stop for some crab & lobster
I'm in Malibu now
Going inland on Sunset. It's steeeep !
Trying my camera on these birds
Expensive car (Rolls Royce) in Beverly Hills
This limo has trouble negociating the turn
Beverly Hills is all clean and tidy
Bristol Farms, I buy a huge chicken sandwich
The old bridge (Colorado blvd), entering Pasadena
Back home after a crash and 140 miles