Little Tujunga and Glendora Mountain Road

On saturday, Christophe proposed a 50 miles ride. The plan was to start at a friend of his' in Burbank, cross the mountains, get a burger at In-n-Out in Santa Clarita, and ride back. Didn't sound bad, I hadn't biked on Little Tujunga in a couple years, so I joined the ride.

On sunday, Mark visited me from Baltimore. I took him to Glendora Mountain road - the road was in very good condition, closed to cars part of the way, and offers nice landscapes, so this was a very pleasant ride.

With Christophe and Neil
Look at the hill's colors, very nice.
At the top of the first climb - 3 to go !
The burgers are waiting for us, let's go.
25 miles, Santa Clarita and its In-n-Out burger shack.
Poppies for my girlfriend Chihiro.
3rd climb - waiting for the other guys...
... so I eat my double-double which I took with me.
Here comes Christophe
Neil, a bit later.
Plenty of lupine flowers here.
Downhill after the 3rd climb.
Back in town - more flowers
It rained a lot recently, lots of green grass and yellow flowers.

sunday - unpacking bikes with Mark
Mark is using my Merlin. A bit small but it will do.
On Glendora ridge road.
The summit - cow canyon saddle. We turn back.
Mt Baldy - we don't have time to climb it today.
It's always hazy when the sun comes down.