Going up to Mt Wilson with my new toy.

This saturday, there was a century with 12,000ft climb: "breathless agony". There was also the Central Coast double century. BUT ! I am going on a 600km brevet next week, so better not get too tired one week before this event. So I only rode up to Mt Wilson with my new Bike Friday. I don't have a computer yet on this machine, but here are the stats of the ride: 54 miles, about 5,000ft of climbing, nice landscapes and be careful with cars on the Angeles Crest highway.

The city hall in Pasadena.
It's lunchtime, not many people at the Rose Bowl.
Most people have a car, and some have... a bus !
Crossing the 210 freeway.
I better not run out of gas !
First break at Clear Creek ranger station.
15 mph ! Usually I do 30mph when going down.
Next stop is, like always, at Red Box.
A blue jay ?
At the top of Wilson. No good view today...
... so let's show how the Bike Friday works
You can take it everywhere !
It unfolds with this quick-release
the handlebar splits...
you remove front wheel and stem.
Done ! It's all broken, and fits in a suitcase.
I'm ready to go to Japan and France now.
It has sweet components as well. Chris King headset...
and all campy chorus 10spd.
I didn't like the bar-end shifters it came with...
so I installed integrated shifters
It uses 100psi tires, I inflate to 110.
Alright, let's stop playing, I have to go down now.
Putting back the handlebar together.
Checking that everything is tight, let's go.
Back in La Canada, today's flowers for Chihiro.
I hit a huge pothole and get a flat.
Damn. 2 spare tubes, but I forgot the punp.
I walk to the Rose Bowl, where this guy has a pump.
Back on the bike, cool !