Biking to Mt Wilson with Ofer

This week-end, I missed the Death Valley century/double century. Too much work to do. So saturday morning, I just went up to Mt Wilson, leaving at 7am in order to be back around noon. Up the Angeles Crest highway, it was colder than I thought, with snow above 4500ft and about 30 degrees at the top of Mt Wilson. I was wearing a powerdry thermal midweight top from REI, a cycling jersey, and my gore-tex XCR parka, but maybe I should have taken another thin layer. On the legs, bib shorts with leg warmers. The top of Mt Wilson was completely in the clouds, so it was impossible to enjoy the view. Bummer ! Well, I'll go there again soon.

How to start the day... it's 6:30am
We're going there, in the mountains !
I'm riding with Ofer today.
After 10 miles, we reach the Angeles Crest...
... then Clear Creek ranger station
Gatorade and powerbar for Ofer
I'm not really tired, let's go !
Here is a map of the area
The next ranger station is up there
Where is Ofer ? Ah, I see him
A picture of the landscape while I wait
We reach Red Box ranger station
Looking east from Red Box
Kids playing in the snow
The Angeles Crest Highway sign
Mt Wilson is in the clouds, we can't see the antennas.
The forecast said it will snow at 1pm...
... maybe it's true ? Entering the clouds now.
At the top, it's cold (0C) and no nice view
Back at Clear Creek, we meet Dave and Mitch
We're back in Pasadena. Nice ride, thanks Ofer !
Good thing I brought my gore-tex parka !