A loop around Mt Hamilton, June 2005

Somebody from a cycling forum pointed me to a website listing plenty of routes in the Silicon Valley. For this week-end I wanted a ride at least 100 miles long, and I was interested in climbing again Mt Hamilton, which I had done 2 years ago as part of Devil Mountain Double. I downloaded a route sheet, checked the directions to the starting point, and off I went, for a 114 miles ride. Too bad I was out of cash when I prepared for the ride, I was hoping to get by with credit and bank cards, but most of the places I went by didn't accept them. Even in the Silicon Valley !

The place I'm staying at was a brothel until recently
Downtown San Jose, 7am. Everybody's asleep
On Mt Hamilton road
Plenty of old cars, nice-looking...
and smelly...
looking back down towards San Jose
I'm disturbing this guy, who walks away
Some road-side wildflowers for Chihiro
Far and above, Lick observatory. I'm going there !
'Carderes' used to be a tool in the textile industry
Some more flowers for Chihiro
After a long climb, I reach the observatory
Going down the backside, steep and curvy
It's early but I'm hungry - lunchtime !
Rice, roasted eel, salad. No shape, but delicious.
And some ham for salt and proteins
A picture of the downhill
An old German racer from the 50s passes me
I refresh with the water from this creek
On Mines road, I'm so sleepy I take a nap
Grapes near Livermore
Safeway ! Here I can use credit cards !
A 'hidden' police car on the side.
On the way back
100 miles - I'm tired of climbing and biking for today
Back home, the shower's my new best friend.