A ride on the Pacific Coast Highway

On the cycling newsgroup www.roadbikereview.com, one of the main figures is MB1. He and his wife, although working full-time, manage to log close to 20,000 miles per year on their bike. That's more than 50 miles every day ! Since they live on the east coast, this includes snow storm days, rainy days, every day.

This week, Miss M (Mercedes) and MB1 (Mark) decided to come to California... with their bike, of course. On saturday they were going from LAX to Santa Barbara, I joined on part of the ride (80 miles), before going back to Los Angeles. Much to my surprise, Mercedes and Mark were not riding crazy fast. They were going a regular 15-16mph, but we made only a few short stops, no long break. Riding with them was very nice, I hope we can do another ride next week-end.

The day was marked by clouds and ashes from forest fires. Temperatures in the mountains were unusually high during all week, so that several huge fires started and were still out of control at the time of the ride. On the coast, though, we had a much cooler day, with fog lasting all morning.

2 bikes - MB1 and Miss M are probably not far
We arranged to meet at a McDonald's close to LAX
Mark's trying my raisin cake
We become pedestrians to access the bike path
The first stop is quite welcome
Santa Monica pier
Mark going under the pier
In Malibu
It's foggy and cool, perfect for cycling
Same shifters setup as Armstrong for Miss M
Did we take nice pictures so far ?
Ready to go - we did 50 miles.
In Point Mugu, we leave the highway
Some flowers for Chihiro
The US Navy base in Point Mugu
strawberry fields.
A huge sign for McDonald's in Oxnard
Tiny white particles everywhere: that's ashes !
Lunch stop at Subway
Was about time ! I was very hungry.
We're in Ventura
Those guys are on a tricycle tandem !
On the bike path
Back to the Pacific coast highway
On the beach, I get distracted
Miss M didn't notice anything
80 miles, I'm going back
Back to the harbor in Ventura
Going towards Santa Monica
Back to the USN base, US government welcomes me
Yum yum, time for a prosciutto sandwich
Seafood - I'm tempted, but no room for carrying any
The sun's fighting against a cloud of smoke
Back to Malibu
Lanscape from the Apocalypse
Silvio recommended this place but I'm not hungry
Back to the Holiday Inn. 160 miles, 12:30 hours
Riding back the PCH close to LA was hell
But a day spent oudoors is a good day
Mercedes and Mark liked this cake...
and asked for the recipe, here it is