An insane ride to Mt Baldy

As for cycling, Ofer and Stijn are inseparable, when you see one of them on a bike, the other is not far. Well, apparently they believe that Christophe and I do the same, always going on the same rides. So when Stijn planned a ride to Mt Baldy for today, he didn't tell me... during the week I receive an email "meeting at 7h30 on sunday... ride to Baldy...". I didn't know they had signed me up for a ride, but it sounded good, so of course I was up for it ! Today's crew: Brett, Christophe, Ofer, Stijn and I.

The ride included urban riding until Glendora mountain road which we climbed, then Glendora ridge road to Baldy village, and we went up to the ski lifts. Going up from Baldy village to the ski lifts is a very difficult climb, 2500ft in 4 miles. Specially when you are already tired from the previous mountains !

Since Glendora mountain road was closed to the traffic, and there was virtually no cars on Mt Baldy road, we didn't have to worry about cars on this part of the ride. Well, my biggest worry at that time was all those mountains. I was quite tired and very slow all day, each climb was feeling hard.

We finally completed the 93 miles ride in little more than 10 hours, and my altimeter registered 10,400ft of elevation gain. This doesn't sound like so much gain, but riding in the cities was all flat, so all this climbing was over approximately 65 miles.

Triple crankset and mountain bike derailleur, I'm prepared !
Waiting for Brett...
We start with a bit of urban cycling going east.
Restroom stop !
We hit Glendora mtn road, start of the climb.
The road is still closed...
A dead pine tree. There was a big fire here last September.
Now the road is REALLY closed
Some snow left on Mt Baldy (10,064ft)
A sign on the road.
Baldy village, where the insane climb starts
3 miles, 2,000ft up to go. Not sure I will make it.
YES ! I made it to the ski lifts...
But it was not easy, today is a very slow day.
Back to Baldy village, lunchtime !
mmm... does my bike qualify as a Harley ?
Some more energy for the way back.
Oh no ! We go back up the ridge road !
The elevation plate (4,527ft) has been stolen
Christophe gets a flat and repairs it quickly.
Looking down, a carpet of rugged mountains
Afternoon view on a valley.
Several shades of green.
We reach the river trail that goes to the beach
Back to Pasadena, we witness a traffic accident.
This new seat bag performed well today !