A century on highway 2 and highway 39

Last saturday, it was a sunny day so I planned to go up to Mt Wilson with Martin. On our way up, we met 2 people training for an upcoming double century, who were planning to do a 90 miles loop. It was sunny and I was in good shape, so I decided to do the same loop on the Angeles Crest and Highway 39. At the intersection with highway 39, I thought it would be a shame not to push until Dawson Saddle, which I did.

Temperatures and lanscapes were great all day. Around 7000ft elevation I saw a black bear, but wasn't fast enough to take my camera out and missed the picture. Also, I heard a lot of rattling sounds, and was scared thinking it was rattlesnakes. Before I realized the sound was coming from some kind of flying grasshoppers crossing the road. I saw a 100 miles running race, too ! About 80 people, racing on the Pacific Crest trail from Wrightwood to JPL. The race seemed very well organized with rest stops every 6-7 miles. I went on, to do my own 100 miles on my bike.

Indian celebrations at Red Box ranger station
I get breakfast, a huge&delicious taco
Martin went out too fast, recovering slowly now
The crash of the day, this car went out pretty bad
At Newcomb Ranch, I get a coke and move on
Mt Waterman - there's a 100 miles race going on !
Racer #9 is about 2 hours behind the leader by now
Volunteers, family, plenty of people came to see the racers
Some wildflowers for Chihiro
Going up, I see more and more pine trees
'Bicycles prohibited' ? I don't care, let's go
The road is in quite good condition
Pine cones look almost ready to fall.
A quarter, I'm lucky !
I've never seen these flowers yet.
2:30pm, I'm at Dawson Saddle
A bit tired, but I feel good anyway
Ciabatta sandwich with ham and lettuce.
No wonder the road is closed
Hwy 39 is closed as well, I jump the gate too
A small waterfall
The road's getting a bit sketchy
I like the mountain landscapes
A river - first time I see it here
Back home after 100 miles. Merlin did well !
I used the AC350 today, quite comfortable.