Up highway 39 - an unplanned century

The ride Brett and I did last saturday was unplanned and unprepared. I just wanted to do a long ride, and Brett didn't care. We decided at the start we would go to Glendora Mountain road since it is closed, maybe even to the ski lifts of Mt Baldy. When we crossed highway 39 we changed our plan, and decided to go up this road, which neither of us had done before.

After a couple miles of climbing I noticed the elevation was 1500ft - highway 2 is at 6700ft, that means a 5200ft climb ! mmm, so much for 'not very hard'... Plus, each of us had only had 2 bottles of water, with no supplies for the next 40 miles or so...

My supplies - no store along the road, today
We decide to go for highway 2
Brett starts the climb...
He will drop me soon.
The Morris dam
Behind the dam...
This ranger gives me some extra water
I like this sign, it means no cars !
I refresh my head with cold water
Trees with fall colors are not frequent here
A big patch of ice ! I fall down but no damage
Reaching the 2 after a 6000ft climb
Cloudburst is our highest point for today.
Winter landscape full of snow
We reach Newcomb Ranch
Brett is... hungry
A view of Mt Baldy from Red Box.