Grizzly century

This is hands down the best century in California. Great support and food, breakfast and bbq dinner, a T-shirt, breathtaking landscapes, empty roads. What more could a cyclist ask for ? Only downside, it's quite far from Pasadena, more than 4hours drive. And there's a lot of climbing, that 'Grizzly' climb is really steep. Here is my ride report from last year - this year was only a bit cooler.

Lots of climbing on the program.
Breakfast is provided... and really good.
Empty roads - pretty cold today
First rest stop - I'm the first customer.
The sun's rising, the temperature goes up
Nice view
View from Mile High Vista
First lunch stop today
Second lunch stop a few miles farther
Follows a 2000ft climb
At the top of the climb
~6500ft climbing, 47 miles, still in reasonable shape
Landscapes are great on this ride
Back to lunch stop, nice girls prepare sandwiches
right hand side : a bit young, but very pretty
Here comes The Griz - STEEP, 2600ft climb
Partway up the climb, water and powder stop
I'm at the top ! This was not easy
This is a luxurious ride, there's even a fire...
... and a bike shop.
going down into the fog
4000ft curvy downhill to Bass Lake
Fall colors...
... are starting to appear.
Going round Bass Lake
Another view of the Lake.
At the finish. Moots did good today.
A very good BBQ dinner is provided.