Cycling pictures from France

For Christmas I went to France to visit my family in Besancon (eastern part of France, about 70km from Switzerland). But instead of taking the train to go home as usual, I planned to bike home. 400km, I would take 2 days since it would be cold and I would be tired from jet lag.

The Bike Friday went through airport security and plane travel without any problem. I unpacked it in Paris in the (very small) room of my youngest sister, and loaded it with a good deal of cold weather cycling clothes. The next day, instead of sleeping in late as any intelligent person does on a sunday, I took off at 6am. I exited Paris with the subway until Melun, and started riding from there. The day went without any problem, going from small village to small town, always taking remote roads with little traffic. I covered about 250km before 8pm. At which time I discovered that it is very difficult to find a hotel room on small roads in December... I happened to arrive in Montbard, which is on the train line between Paris and Besancon. And decided that instead of looking for a room in the freezing temperature and my wet cycling clothes, I could as well sleep in my own bed, then bike around town in Besancon.

A few days later, I was back in the train to Paris with the Bike Friday, to meet my girlfriend Chihiro at the airport. Since I was in advance, I spent the time cycling around in Paris. Biking in Paris is great, you can go everywhere in a minute and see all the town in a couple hours.

Friday - packing the bike friday in Pasadena
I'm a bit scared of traveling with American
The burned area south of LA
Mountains from California (or Arizona ?)
I change plane in New York
Saturday - I'm in Paris !
The blvd Saint-Michel
Notre-Dame, always in repair...
Sunday morning, 6am. I'm taking off East
I'm not in London but at the Gare de Lyon
A church from the 12th century
Crossing the Seine at Champagne-sur-Seine
I refuel with some chaussons aux pommes. Yum!
In Egreville, a competition of roasted chickens !!
There's a parade prior to the competitiion
The geese are there. Chickens are probably in the oven.
I follow the parade through town
Crossing the freeway. I'm going towards Dijon.
Another view of the freeway (not "free" at all)
Countryside view in the afternoon.
Crossing... damn, I forgot the name of this river.
In the train to Besancon.
Wednesday - Besancon seen from Beauregard castle
This is the "downtown" area
It's cold today, well below freezing.
I go along the Doubs.
An old church.
No snow, but still training for ski.
on the way back... is again the main castle in Besancon
Follow the river, you'll end up in Germany !
Friday - back in Paris
The opera was renovated recently and looks great.
Place Vendome
The rue de Rivoli has a bike path. Nice !
Place de la Concorde.
US embassy is there, but pictures are prohibited.
The tour Eiffel without its head
Looking towards the Ile de la Cite.
The Assemblee Nationale
I ride a bit on the quais
Les Halles, built on a huge hole from WWII
The eglise Saint-Eustache
The headquarters of the french space agency, near Les Halles
Rue Saint-Denis, sex shops and prostitutes.
Back to Republique where my sister lives
Another type of bike...
I'm done for today !