Flowers and pine cones, a century ride in the mountains.

Last saturday Myriam, Christophe and I rode up to Red Box on the Angeles Crest. Not enough pictures to make a separate page, so I combined the pics with this week's century ride. Conditions were the same both weeks, very sunny weather and riding on the Angeles crest. The second week, I rode 107 miles (a century) with 11000ft of climbing.

This week, since I've already posted countless pictures of the landscapes I see when riding in the San Gabriel mountains, I decided to show what I see on the side of the road. Namely, flowers and pine cones. I'm no expert, so if you know the names of some, please help. Of course, all the flower pictures are for my girlfriend Chihiro !

Christophe and Myriam at Clear Creek
Secong breakfast for me
'Coquelicots'-like flowers
At Red Box, I try Myriam's tiny bike
Christophe tries it too, it's way too small
Myriam takes the pose.
This week, mimosa & penstemon (?) near Red Box
Dead and alive pine trees close to Mt Waterman
I've multiplied the elevation by 10 since Pasadena !
Sugar pine cones at Mt Waterman
Yep, this is leftover snow.
Jeffrey pine ? Lodgepole pine ? Reddish cones
This looks like a redwood.
The gate to the final climb is, like always, closed.
it's too hot, I fill the helmet with snow.
small cascade of melting snow on the side of the road
the desert: looking north past the San Gabriels
3pm, I'm at Dawson saddle.
Pretty tired, but I made it.
Here comes the reward: prosciutto sandwich
And smoked king salmon. Delicious.
A stash of pine cones. Tamarack pine I believe
Speeding ticket ? No, an accident happened nearby
Largest in the world, coulter pine cones.
better go away when it falls, they weigh up to 8lbs
The strange nolina makes white flowers
Tiny yellow flowers go almost unnoticed on the ground.
Those yellowish flowers seem to grow on rocks.