A dinner at Silvio's

Thanks to host Silvio, microwave specialist Fei Fei, and chef Alouma !

Alouma will teach me the "tarte tatin"...
...while Michael makes ice-cream
I brought french chocolates for chef Alouma
Erel comes to help with the cooking
Damn, we're short of apples
Apples and sugar don't cooperate...
... the sugar refuses to turn into caramel.
What's molasses for ?? says Idit
Don't know, but it doesn't taste bad.
Michael wants to put brandy in the tarte tatin.
Only a few drops, says the chef
Finally the desert looks and smells good.
Silvio has a nice apartment for seriously cheap...
... but it's full of bugs.
What about eating them, says Fei Fei.
It will go well with the chicken !
Arghhh, Fei Fei uses the microwave !
Chinese wine used to marinate the chicken
The slow after-dinner