Devil mountain double century.

The Devil mountain double, with 20,000ft of climbing on a 205 miles course, is supposed to be the most difficult double century in California. Brett wants to try it... no way I'm going on this crazy ride, this is too much ! But Christophe owes me some cash, and pays for my entry instead of giving me back the money. So finally, Brett, Christophe and I leave for the Bay area on friday afternoon. This double century turns to be an endless succession of mountains. Nice landscapes, awesome support from the "Quackcyclists", but an awfully difficult ride. It will take me 20:50 hours to finish it.

We load the bikes on Brett's car.
Brett is hungry after the long drive.
We arrive at 10pm, the campground's gate is closed...
... so we decide to sleep near the entrance sign.
We won't need the tent, says Christophe...
... but we end up sleeping in the rain, notice the water !
At the start, we get a bandana with the map.
Christophe uses it as a headsweat.
7am on top of Mt Diablo, first major climb of the day.
coming down the mountain, I stop for a picture.
The fast riders who will break the time record today pass me.
Riding in the Morgan territories.
At the second rest stop, after another long climb.
Looking up to the structure on which the freeway is going.
Fred has a road bike with rear suspension !
A field of windmills
We reach Patterson pass, also called "Oh my god" hill
Mines road is not too steep but I am slow.
slow, like, 5mph. I feel bad and depressed.
Mile 116. I feel better after a warm chicken sandwich.
And even better after a free massage !
On the way up to Mt Hamilton, I look back.
I am at the top ! This is the highest summit of the Silicon Valley.
There is an observatory here.
Going down the other side of Hamilton.
Another view of the observatory at the top.
Last view on the Silicon Valley before the night.
Close to the Crothers rd rest stop. Rich people living here...
Instant noodle and hammer gel to get energy at the rest stop.
Sierra road, steepest climb of the day: 1800ft in 3.2 miles.
At the top of Sierra road, support people are freezing.
Last rest stop around midnight. I ask for a coffee.
Dave, 64, knows the ride well and leads our group.
We are back to the hotel at 1:50am.
6th time Dave completes this ride, his 74th double century !
3 double centuries so far for me. But I'm hungry, let's eat !
The group of people with whom I rode the last 85 miles.
In the morning, we discover a flat tire.
Brett doesn't have tools nor a full-size spare so we get towed.
We're lucky, there is an In-n-out burger place nearby !