CoolBreeze Century

On this second time on the Coolbreeze century (see here for last year's ride report), I went on the 200km ride. Christophe was also on the 200km, but was riding fast in order to train for the Furnace creek 508 race in october. His roommate Saurabh did the 100km ride. Unfortunately, my alarm clock didn't ring that morning. As a result, we started a bit later than most riders, and I spent most of the tour riding alone. Slow and without much motivation, it took me 9h45 to complete the 200km. The altimeter recorded about 7500ft of elevation gain.

A family bike...
Orange fields. Should I take some ?
The first rest stop is at Lake Casitas.
The food on this ride is quite disappointing.
I've already been here ! there is a bad climb soon.
Stretching and eating at the second rest stop.
A half-softride tandem
Exactly the same Bike Friday as I have
First view on the ocean
The birds use the hot air to go up
After orange fields, lemon fields.
75 miles, lunch stop. There's barely anything left.
I'm riding with two blondes.
Is this an invitation ?
I took the same picture last year
The popular State street in Santa Barbara
Another way of cycling
A picnic beach...
... and some flowers for Chihiro
An accident happened just before the 4th rest stop
A downhill tandem !! Now THIS is a bike.
No food left at the last rest stop.
Back in Ventura, Christophe and Saurabh are there.
Start & finish are at the Four Points hotel