CoolBreeze Century

On August 17 I did my second century. A century is a 100 miles long bike ride. You will think "100 miles, that's crazy !". Well, mmm... yes, it's crazy indeed. But it's an incredible occasion of discovering nice places where you would never go otherwise. It took me 8h35min to complete the century, including all 5 rest stops.

The CoolBreeze was starting in Ventura, going along the coast, then in the mountains, through Santa Barbara county to Santa Barbara, and back to Ventura. I went with a friend from Caltech, Christophe, but rode mostly alone since Christophe was going the 200km route. I met him at the last rest stop, and we rode the last 17miles together (cool ! I could draft him).

I was impressed, like the first time, by the level of support. There was numerous cars patrolling to check if people were alright, signs on the road to help with directions, and plenty of food at all 5 rest stops. Surprisingly for August in California, it was foggy and cloudy during most of the day. As a consequence, the pictures are relatively gray and don't really show how great the view along the Pacific Coast Highway is. But as a bike rider, I was very happy with this weather, not too hot !

Most riders were using "regular" road bikes, there was also a few recumbent models, some mountain bike riders, and couples on tandems. I even saw a triple ! A family with husband, wife and junior, and junior didn't look more than 10 years old. I was really impressed, all three of them were wearing the jersey of the triple crown finishers. This means, they had completed 3 double centuries (200 miles rides) during the same year. Wow !

I'm ready, let's start !
Getting on the Pacific Coast Highway
Faria beach - lots of surfers but few waves
Second rest stop after 30 miles
Fruit, cakes, peanut butter, everything is there
Nice bike with blue spokes !
52 miles, time for lunch
Yum yum, sandwich with ham and tomato
Different paint schemes but same model ! Mine is 3rd from left
A palm trees avenue in Santa Barbara county
Golf course in Santa Barbara
A few flowers for Chihiro
Back to the coast
Pamela is there !
Well, mmmm ... no
We picnicked several times there with Chihiro
I want the same jersey !
A couple on a tandem
The bike path goes on the freeway !
Yeah ! Popsicles at the last rest stop
I meet Christophe who took the 200km route
It's finished, we made it !!
Picture of my computer: 102.45 miles !