A failed 600km brevet

Aaarghhh, I failed on the Davis 600km brevet ! At mile 130, climbing hills with 10% grade in the dark, I was soooo sick and depressed, I dropped the ride. I laid down in the grass on the side of the road, put the emergency blanket above me and slept until the morning (while I was half-sleeping in the morning, some fast riders passed by and noticed "hey, a dead body !").

In the morning I turned back, still feeling very sick. Christophe and Brett were also doing this brevet, so I decided to ride my bike back, rather than come back with a support vehicle and just wait for the 2 other guys. Time helping, I felt better during the next afternoon, and completed a 400km ride.

Driving up to northern California... in the rain
in the back of the van, I grade homeworks
sun, rain... here is the rainbow.
Gas stop. We rented the student affairs van this week.
Brett's friend Aimee lives in Davis and hosts us.
But I'm allergic to her cats, so I sleep in the van.
Good night everybody !
In the morning, enough time for a good breakfast.
Brett and Christophe are ready to go.
In Davis, we sign in under heavy rain.
This tandem has couplers to "cut" it in pieces !
After a few miles, I am riding with this group.
As on all recent brevets, I meet Dennis !
Everybody removes some layers before the climb.
Evening view.
Curt and his wife have a very nice Calfee tandem.
Christophe and Brett catch up after 2 flats and pass us.
I am too sick and feel bad, I drop the ride.
I slept in the wet grass with the emergency blanket.
Morning view in northern California
We don't have this tree species near LA.
As always, Santa is there to help ! He's 67 today.
Rest stop in Cloverdale, soup and sandwiches are good !
A church with a strange architecture.
The wealth of Sonoma county: grapes.
Geyserville ? Didn't see any geyser here.
A few wildflowers for Chihiro.
I stop at a winery. Not for wine, but to ask for water !
Another stop to buy oranges and tomatoes.
A dam along highway 128.
The sun sets down between olive trees.
I feel good now, at mile 230 !
Back to Davis, after only 400km.
The bike friday tandem arrived long before me.
At the end, no food is provided, I am pissed.
My happiness goes back up at In&Out burger !
Monday morning, Brett looks sleepy.
And so does Christophe. OK, I'll drive back.
What we see along the 5 freeway.