600km San Francisco brevet

This was the second 600km brevet that I completed. Difficult it was the first time, and difficult it was the second time. The ride was starting at the Golden Gate bridge, going north mostly inland between vineyards and sometimes on the coast, until Fort Bragg.

Thanks to Karen, Tim and Chris who were pulling me all the time, we made good progress on the road. I kept getting dropped on climbs, then meeting the others again at a rest stop. In two days, I was sick and in good shape, I was cold and overheated, I ate like 4 persons together, and drank probably like 10. Karen, Tim and I completed the ride in 33:16 hours, and my altimeter recorded 18,000ft of climbing.

Friday afternoon, I'm in Mountain View.
The week-end starts by purchasing a used bike.
Pretty crowded in the back of the car.
Golden Gate bridge, the ride starts here tomorrow morning.
Another classical view of San Francisco bay.
Saturday morning. Arghh, forgot the windbreaker.
Tim and Chris, Todd behind.
Here's the map for the 375 miles ride.
This guy has speakers playing Star Wars music
The sun comes out, we peel layers
First rest stop.
A sign near the restrooms.
Nicasio reservoir.
Following Chris, Todd, Karen and Tim.
Downtown Petaluma
Plenty of vineyards, we're in Sonoma county.
Hot temps in Cloverdale, we stop for a drink.
More vineyards along highway 128
I'm overheating and refresh my face in this creek.
Riding alone now, I've been dropped on the hard climbs
A sign I always appreciate
In Boonville, tuna and egg salad sandwich
Sunset on highway 128
Wildflowers for Chihiro
Midnight ! Turnaround in Fort Bragg after 15 hours
sleep ? Not today, unfortunately.
I meet again with Chris, Tim and Karen.
Back in Boonville, 4am.
Sunrise on highway 128.
Advertising for wine tasting ?
I get dropped, then meet the others in Guerneville.
Reaching the coast near Marshall.
Sunday, 3pm, last control point. Clam chowder !
5pm, we're back in Sausalito
Very windy and foggy near the Golden Gate.
Karen and Tim at the finish.
375 miles, 33:20 hours. Damn, this was long !