300km San Luis Obispo brevet

Riding around San Luis Obispo offers roads with very little traffic, beaches, plenty of sun... perfect for a long ride. For the 300km brevet, Kevin planned a route taking us to backcountry roads north of Paso Robles, and added some riding along the coast. The day was beautiful, temperatures not too hot, great landscapes.

Everything went perfect, except for 20 miles of STRONG headwind ... and the fact that I crashed 4 miles before the finish. I hit a large piece of metal in the dark, and went flying over the bike. The bike went flying as well, and landed on the front wheel, turning it into a perfect taco. We called Kevin's house, and Jim brought a towel to clean the blood, along with a wheel since I wanted to finish the ride. I finally completed the 300km in 17 hours. Thanks to Mary, Michael, Sean for riding together during most of the day.

Michael and I carpooled from Caltech
This will be Mike's first double century
4am, at Kevin's house in Cayucos
Few riders today: only 5 registered participants !
Sunrise from highway 46
Pit stop after passing Paso Robles
I have a flat, everybody catches up
Downhill after a nasty hill
1/2 mile left to the checkpoint in Parkfield
Parkfield doesn't seem over-populated
This guy just stole a slice of cake from me
Second checkpoint in Paso Robles
Food's welcome after 110 miles
Double monster cheeseburger for me
Who goes to Paso Robles... sees wineyards
Reaching the top of Highway 46
Yeah, one less climb to do
Sean and Mary arrive as well
Going down towards the coast
Highway 46 offers some great landscapes
Nice view, but strong headwind
Mary is slow but has lots of endurance
We reach Piedras Biancas lighthouse
Just a few miles before the final turnaround
Last checkpoint in Ragged Point
We grab sandwiches and hit the road again
Just before the finish, I hit something...
4 miles and a wheel later, at Kevin's house.
Front wheel and helmet after the crash
My windbreaker jacket was hit as well
Seems that the bike landed on the left side
The aerobar.
Frame and fork seem to be undamaged
Forgot to show the gloves, they're dead too.