San Diego 300km brevet

Kerin and I went for the 300km brevet organized by the San Diego people. This is the first year they have a brevet series, so I was not sure about what to expect. Although, I remember that on the 200km Barclay definitely didn't forget to include hills when he planned the ride. This time he didn't forget the climbing part either - and going up Palomar mountain turned out to be too much for me. It was very hot, I was tired from being sick the previous week, so I dropped the ride. No big deal, there's another 300K next week ! I made it to the top of Palomar mountain, had some lunch and turned back, for a total of 80 miles instead of 180.

The part of the ride I didn't do was also quite difficult. Many people dropped, the others spent much more time than expected. The fastest riders, including Ostrich and the Red Racers from the Furnace Creek 508 race, spent almost 14 hours to finish !

Kerin & I unpack in the parking lot at the start
I rode part of the 200K with this guy
The organizers, Barclay & Anna.
Going out on Lilac, behind Barclay on his recumbent
Going down towards Rincon
First check point at mile 25.
Roadside flowers for Chihiro
A rattlesnake
Going up Palomar is difficult, 4000ft in 12 miles.
At the top I'm very tired, let's drop the ride.
5 more miles to the largest telescope in the world
Will be for next time, I have no more energy.
Lunch is very expensive here, but I'm hungry.
No wonder I had a hard time going up...
Looking to the valley from the top of Palomar
Back in Rincon and its casino
Afternoon sun on white flowers
A few hours later, Kerin arrives
It's already 12:30, time to drive home.