300 km Solvang brevet

Second step in the series of qualifiers for the Paris-Brest-Paris ride, the 300km brevet. The closest to Los Angeles was the one organized by Planet Ultra in Solvang. A few hills, plenty of sun, mostly good roads, made this day a good ride. It was even a bit too hot, so I was pouring water on my head from time to time.

I completed this double century in 13:47 hours, and the altimeter registered 9700 ft of climbing over the course.

Friday night - Christophe is a bit tired after the long drive
Beth arrived at the campground before us
Brett and Hareem are there as well.
A picture of the Caltech crew at the campground.
Beth, not scared by french food, tries my cake au lard.
Good night, Christophe, tomorrow will be a long day.
At 5:30am, the start line is packed.
Hey, Stijn and Ofer are there !
Chris Kostman gives the start.
The first rest stop in Sisquoc is quite crowded.
Paul gets a flat. Luckily Santa was not far...
... Santa offers him a new tube.
Riding in the hills... exactly what I like.
A few 'coquelicots' for Chihiro
Second rest stop at 83 miles, Debbie offers plenty of food.
A bike with a Carradice seat bag.
I'm a bit tired, it's too hot today !
Scott and Paul arrive, we take a picture together.
A bit later, we arrive in Morro Bay.
I ride a while with Raul until the lunch stop.
Afternoon picture from Shell Beach road.
At the fourth rest stop, I meet Ofer who looks exhausted.
The last steep hill, at mile 170. This is a tough one.
After more than 13 hours, I'm back in Solvang.
Hareem, Brett and Christophe finished a long time ago.
Here is my brevet card...
... I got all the required signatures along the course.
On the way back, we stop at In&Out, I try the 6x6
My conclusions: the 6x6 is good, but very messy.