300km San Luis Obispo brevet, April 05

After weeks of insufficient training due to work and laziness, last thursday I thought 'if I don't go on an organized ride on saturday, nothing's going to pull me out of bed'. So I looked around and found out saturday was San Luis Obispo's 300km brevet. Oh right, last year I crashed pretty bad on this ride... I tried to fly, it didn't work and ended up bloody with a front wheel like a taco. Decided to try the ride again, and drove to San Luis Obispo on friday night.

This year the ride went fine, I was slow but finished the ride. Wildflowers along the road, especially between Paso Robles and the coast, were really beautiful, so I stopped many times to take pictures.

Saturday, 4am, start at Kathi&Kevin's house
Sunrise on highway 46. It's quite cold.
7am, streets in Paso Robles are empty.
Should have brought a mountain bike...
I chat a while with cows.
San Miguel, I got lost here 2 years ago
A first wildflower picture for Chihiro.
8:30am, time for a ham sandwich
Cross canyon road is tough, 700ft climb in 1 mile.
Here's the dinner, on the side of the road !
Changing continents
Parkfield, turnaround after 69 miles
Advertising for the California apocalypse
I unpack another sandwich. Ciabatta, prosciutto, tomato.
This guy's walking 23 miles and back today, he started at 6am.
The feet in water - I should do this as well
Going back down, I make good progress.
This guy's calling his girlfriend.
The wealth of the area around Paso Robles.
Ready for Halloween ! They grow pumpkins here
A bit farther, olive trees.
Asphalt directly on rock, this is completely wrong.
Jack in the box offers a very good sandwich now.
oh, a dead wheel ! well, it'll hold for 100 more miles
The wine tasters are here. I'll stick to water
I sample different colors. Purple...
Red & white...
Purple again... this is really beautiful.
The summit of Highway 46.
It's hot, I drink a lot.
Landscapes don't get much nicer than this...
First yellow patch of the day.
On the coast, I see unexpected birds.
What are zebras doing here ??
The usual view of Hearst castle
Then, the lighthouse at Piedras Biancas
The flowers are nice...
... but I'm slow and suffering in the headwind
Going on crunch and coke now.
After the headwind, the climb to Big Sur
Turnaround point in Ragged Point, mile 150.
Sunset on the Pacific Coast Highway
I join another group
Back to Cayucos at 10pm
The pizza and beer bought by Kathi feel really good.