200km San Diego brevet

This week-end was the 200km San Diego brevet. I've done it already twice so I know pretty well the hard climbs. Kerin was going too, so we carpooled - I was very happy with this, I always prefer if somebody else is driving. Plus, I had never been in a Prius before.

The ride was good with a few killing climbs and plenty of great landscapes. The only problem was that I had packed the wrong shoes. I had mountain bike pedals on the bike but took the road bike shoes, and Pasadena was too far to go back home and grab the correct ones. So I put back my street shoes on and did the ride with them. It was not convenient at all to push on small clipless pedals with street shoes, but I didn't find any bike shop so I kept going. At some point I was riding with Ron, who had a broken spoke on a wheel with few spokes (the wheel wobbled a lot), and Ed whose left shifter was broken, so I thought my situation was not too bad ! It took me about 10 hours to complete the 200km and 7000ft of climbing, about the same time as the previous years.

Unpacking the bikes from the Prius
Kerin gets ready
First rest stop at 35 miles.
Riding with my street shoes on the speedplay pedals
San Diego backcountry
Couser canyon - very steep climb ahead
As usual, I stop to eat some (delicious) oranges
Roadside flowers for Chihiro
12pm, time for a ham & goat cheese sandwich
I get another sandwich at the lunch stop
On the coast at mile ~110