San Diego 200km brevet - January 2005

This is the second time I go on the San Diego 200K brevet. Last year, it felt like it had plenty (too many) climbs. This year I was sick, so I shouldn't have done it. However, San Diego is the most convenient brevet location for me, so I decided to give it a try. I would take it easy and use the whole allowed time of 13 hours, or drop if I was feeling bad.

The day was very sunny, and I was feeling relatively well, so I completed the 200km ride in 10:15 hours, without even using the headlight I carried the whole day.

Listening to Barclay's instructions at the start
I stored all turns in my GPS
I ride a while with Tom
First rest stop after 35 miles
Time to unpack a sandwich
Damn... I also have a Nissan altima...
I grab some oranges - they are delicious
Wildflowers for my girlfriend are rare...
It's winter, after all. A few more here.
Typical vegetation along the ride
75 miles, 1:30pm. Lunch stop.
I don't feel bad at all
Back to the coast.
The 'self-realization fraternity'
Some more flowers for Chihiro
Is this part of UCSD campus ?
5:15pm - I'm done !