A rainy 200km brevet

First brevet in 2004, San Diego 200km. This is the first year San Diego puts up a brevet series, but it was well organized and everything was included: lots of rain, some headwind, plenty of climbing, urban, rural and seaside riding. I completed it in about 9:45. It was the first time I was riding in San Diego county's backcountry, it was nice with plenty of hills, and plenty of lemon and orange groves. I took a couple oranges, but they both fell from my pocket on a downhill, so I didn't even get to enjoy them.

SAG vehicle ? No, the bus will stay here all day
At the start, I unpack Merlin.
For many it's the first time to ride a brevet.
Some urban riding in San Diego
First checkpoint at a gas station.
An orange grove - I take a couple oranges
San Diego county backcountry in the rain.
Colorful wildflowers for Chihiro's birthday
In Live Oak park
Fallbrook has a women's club.
Huge and delicious sandwiches at mile 75
Carradice bag and bagman rack, I want this setup.
I ride with those guys on the way back
Along the ocean.
At the end, I'm very dirty from mud splashes
Wet wet wet, everything's wet here.