200 km San Luis Obispo brevet

If you want to qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris (1200km ride to complete in less than 90 hours), you need to do a series of "brevet" rides: 200km, 300km, 400km, 600km. This week-end, I went to San Luis Obispo to do the 200km. Contrary to the centuries, brevets are unsupported rides, you have to bring your own food.

The San Luis Obispo brevet was going for a large part along the coast, on the Pacific Coast Highway. The day was very sunny, not too hot, not too cold. Well, a perfect day for being outside and bike. Except that I forgot my sunglasses in my car, and the sun cream at home. Nevertheless, I completed the ride in 8h30min. This sounded incredible to me, I spent so much time taking pictures, looking at everything, talking to people and dealing with an old lady at Hearst castle's tourist information center (I needed to check the route, I could manage to get lost anywhere, even on the pacific coast highway when there is no exit to be missed !)

The best part of the day was by far when I met with two beggar-looking guys, who actually liked biking a lot. The first one, shaking my hand with his hand which had no more fingers, had just crossed America on his bike, in 2 months and 3 days. "Go inside get some food, he tells me, you can get 2 hot-dogs for 1$ !". The second dude, even more beggar-looking than the other, was riding an old rusted fixed gear probably from the 60's. He claimed to have done Los Angeles-Santa Barbara on it, with his sleeping bag tied on the handlebar. He was planning to go to France for biking and visiting the castles along the Loire. I talked a while with these dudes, tried the fancy fixed gear bike, but unfortunately I had to go...

Taking gas... time for a break !
A 'cake au lard' - a French specialty from my region.
Preparing prosciutto sandwiches for tomorrow...
In my tent in El Chorro State Park. Let's sleep !
In San Luis Obispo, before the ride start.
Off we go, while the sun rises.
Going in the hills.
We run into a time trial event.
I was riding with Dennis...
... and Reed.
One more racing dude.
We arrive at Morro Bay.
This guy just crossed the US on his bike !
Nice to be out on this sunny day.
Joe on his Harley-Davidson-looking bike.
I tried it, it felt nice !
People looking for seashells on the beach.
Hearst castle in the background on the hill
I bought a postcard for a better view.
Elephant seals resting in the sun.
I reach Piedras Blancas lighthouse...
... close to which is the turnaround point. Lunchtime !
Those guys are also enjoying the outdoors !
Wine tasting... should I stop ?
Highway 1, the nicest road in California.
Reaching the small town of Cayucos...
Somebody training for paragliding.
This dude on a mountain bike just dropped me !
I'm back to San Luis Obispo, after 200km.
At the end, with my brevet card all filled out.