A day in Big Bear

Big Bear is one of the few ski resorts in southern California. No huge station like you can find in France, but still big enough to have a variety of rides. Olivier proposed to spend a day there, so the french-speaking gang was off to the ski slopes: Yvan, Olivier, Nicolas, Christophe and I.

6am, Nicolas and Olivier are sleepy. OK, I'll drive
8am, we arrive in Big Bear city
Some breakfast before going on the slopes
Nicolas on the ski lift
I'm a very good surfer, says Olivier
mmm, we'll see that, Christophe replies.
not easy to take pictures with gloves.
this one's not too steep
Olivier tries to surf on grass
even double diamond stuff is not too difficult here.
the french gang on the skilift
view on Big Bear lake
Olivier spends lots of time falling and sitting on the snow
Yvan is very good...
... and so is Nicolas
I'm coming, just wait a bit...
We spend lots of time deciding which way to go
We stay for the morning in 'Snow Summit'
Christophe is an expert
lunch time ! Olivier enjoys his coffee
And Yvan tries some strange cake
In the shuttle bus to Big bear
Olivier's tired and takes a nap
View on the San Gorgonio mtns
Picture time, the landscape's nice
Big Bear lake...
... and the desert
4pm, last downhill of the day
going back home, after a good day.