Ride to Mt Baldy

This saturday, Chris Kostman was putting up an informal ride up Glendora Mtn Road to Baldy Village and up to the ski lifts. Glendora Mtn Road is a nice place for biking since it's closed to the cars most of the time. Actually I didn't see Chris at all during the ride since he was starting late, but met several other people I knew from other rides, including Bill from Caltech, and Bob who does every year a 'vertical century': 100 miles of climbing.

Although very cold, I was in reasonable shape, so on the way back I abandoned the group and went back on the ridge road instead of going down the boring and high-traffic highway. I included a loop around the San Dimas reservoir, for a total of 70 miles and 8200ft of climbing.

I forgot I had the camera in my jersey pocket !!
Here's Bill. He's a strong climber.
This guy's also fast.
Here comes 'Vertical Bob'...
... followed closely by Diana.
That's me, freezing my ass but feeling good
after a 4000ft climb we're at the saddle.
Everybody stops to put a jacket on.
Going down 500ft to Baldy Village
To the ski lifts: 4 miles, 2400ft climb !
This is as difficult as it gets...
I finally reach the ski lifts at 6500ft.
Strip-tease ! I change to dry layers.
12:30, time for lunch.
Going down: it's cold cold cold
The fog is getting worse and worse
We get some warm drink in Baldy Village
Back on the ridge road, sakura for Chihiro
Looking down, mountains and mountains
To make it longer, I turn towards East Fork.
The San Dimas reservoir.
Back in Glendora after 70 miles.