A loop to Lake Arrowhead

In Pasadena an important part of the drinking water you can buy at grocery stores comes from Lake Arrowhead, about 100 miles north-east in the mountains. I had never seen this lake, so I decided to do an overnight ride to take a look. I would go all the way on the Angeles Crest highway, continue along Lake Silverwood, and sleep, well, somewhere on the side of the road.

This ride turned out very nicely, both saturday and sunday had perfect weather, and I could bypass the gates closing highway 18, allowing me to go all the way to Arrowhead. Total mileage was 190 miles, with almost 16,000ft climbing, almost all of which were during the first 110 miles.

Sleeping gear: 3lb 2oz
I bring back some DVDs to Blockbuster
Starting on the Crest, it's not too hot
The cloud layer ends at about 2500ft
Looking back on the road I climbed
Oh, I know this bike, Bob must be here !
Indian people prepare for a concert
Bob does another loop but we go together for a while
Careful with sunburn, it's a hot day
Great landscapes everywhere on the Crest
I hate going through tunnels on a bike
first time I see the gate to Dawson Saddle open
Water ! good occasion to refresh
Alpine flowers for Chihiro
Reaching the Saddle is always long and difficult
As usual, prosciutto sandwich and salmon for lunch
Oxidized rocks take blue-green colors
4pm, I'm at grassy hollow ranger station
another summit for today
Big Pines ski resort
Restroom decoration in Wrightwood
Joshua trees ! I'm really in the desert here.
I reach the end of the Angeles crest highway
view from highway 138
highway 138 is crowded, I don't like it
But it offers interesting landscapes
Lake Silverwood around mile 90
When I came in December I slept here.
Fall colors in the forest
Around mile 100 I arrive in Crestline
Highway 18 is still blocked, I jump the gate
Looking down on San Bernardino
One more summit...
A quiet spot, I'll stay there for the night
My sleeping setup
Sunday morning, at 6am I'm in Twin Peaks
The road winds and climbs a lot
Mile 110, Lake Arrowhead !
Going back on highway 18
Highway 18 is called 'rim of the world'
Going back on the blocked section, moderately paved.
Green stuff starts to reappear on burned areas
At costco I stop for hot dog and ice-cream, yum !