Warm january week-end in Pasadena

I figured it out ! Pasadena must be in the southern hemisphere ! Otherwise, how would it be possible to have more than 80F in the winter ??

In such conditions, this week-end it was illegal to stay inside. Plus, the computer cluster in the lab had some problems, so nobody could log in and work. I rode about 30 mountain miles on saturday (pictures below), and 50 miles on sunday with Jay (no pictures). Sunday was even hotter than saturday, I had to throw some water on my head to keep from overheating. Windbreaker or any kind of second layer were useless...

Blue sky, Mt Wilson in the background. I'm leaving home
Such temperatures should be forbidden in January !
Resting after the climb up Lake avenue.
Here comes the downhill reward !
JPL, getting popular with the successful Mars mission
Some fall colors in La Canada
Going down Chevy Chase and its hairpin turns
Some flowers for Chihiro
Advertisement for Boeing in the sky
Looking towards downtown Glendale
Downtown LA in the background
Damn, I'm going up there !
Evening view on Glendale
The lazy cyclist back home