Angeles Crest Century

I just happened to bike to Mt Wilson the same day Planet Ultra's Angeles Crest Century was run. Unlike previous years (see Angeles Crest Century 2004 ), I didn't run the rest stop at the top of Mt Wilson, Kerin did it. Part way through the ride up, I met Renee, who was going to join Kerin at the top and help. At Red Box, there was an indian celebration. They had set up a food corner, too bad I didn't have any cash - I bought once breakfast there, ti was delicious. Instead, Debbie offered me one of the sandwiches for the century riders.

Kerin and Renee. Fast girls...
Kerin sports a 'King of the mountains' winner crown
Debbie with some of the first riders
The view on Pasadena is cloudy today
Nothing to see...
Looking back on the road the guys just covered
Rider going up while I'm leaving
The top of the climb to Mt Wilson
Indian celebration & music at Red Box
I've never seen the Red Box parking lot full ?!?