The Angeles Crest century

Since I live close by and have the occasion to ride there pretty much anytime of the year, the Angeles Crest Century is my yearly contribution to the support crew. This century was organized by JPL during a long time, and in the last few years by Planet Ultra's Debbie and Chris.

Last year Christophe and I were in charge of the rest stop at the top of Mt Wilson, this year I was responsible of the same location, while Christophe was in France and couldn't join. 'Gatorade ? Sustained energy ? water ? You HAVE to take a sandwich, if not 2 - try my cake, I made it this morning - and put some suncream on, you look red'. Everything went fine, I'll probably be there again next year.

I make a cake for the riders. They liked it and finished it
11:15am - Chris and Debbie leave me food, table and tent
11:30am, the first riders are already here !
10,000ft and 80 miles in 5 hours, those guys are FAST
A rider from JPL, I saw this guy last year as well.
Kerin is on the ride, going strong as usual
The 'bike parking'
The view on Pasadena and LA is hazy today.
Bob, doing part of his yearly 'vertical century'
Nice shoes ! look at the left one...
Clem is one of the last riders, but he still looks good
A hiker asks for water. No problem, we have plenty
4:15pm, Last rider before we close the rest stop
A view of downtown LA while going down
Damn, I look fat. Should bike a bit more...
I took Merlin just in case, but didn't use it.