Planet Ultra's Angeles Crest century

Christophe and I ride all the time on the Angeles Crest, so we felt we didn't need to do the Planet Ultra's organized century. We preferred to give a hand. Plus, "help one, ride one free", as Debbie advertises.

The century route is very simple: from Foothill, ride on highway 2 to Clear Creek, do the "big Tujunga loop", continue to Newcomb ranch, Mt Waterman, and turnaround after the tunnels. On the way back, all the way on the Angeles Crest with the climb up Mt Wilson. Mt Wilson was where Christophe and I had the last rest stop, so this was at mile 80, after 10000 of elevation gain... and before 20 miles of downhill.

Not much cycling for us today ? Well, Christophe rode up to the top, while I was driving my car. I had my bike in the car, so before the riders arrived I went down to Red Box and just climbed the 5 miles to the summit.

I'm all set: stuff for me...
... and for the riders if they have problems
Packing the bike in the car.
The sun is hiding behind clouds
A view on the crest, almost from Clear Creek
It's sunny and warm here
Difficult to take a picture, Christophe is too fast
I'm at the top, let's unpack
Just enough time to bike down to Red Box...
and ride the 5 miles and 1000ft climb to the summit
Christophe partied too late yesterday, time for Advil
Here comes Debbie with the rest stop stuff
The first rider is already there. This guy's FAST !
A second customer arrives after a bit.
We have too many peanut butter&jelly sandwiches, who wants some ??
Bill from Caltech is strong and fast
A rider from JPL.
Kerin from Caltech is doing the ride.
Chris Kostman and Eric.
It's getting crowded, and everybody speaks french !
Trek's carbon bike, 4 times.
Tom (red) is doing an unsupported double.
The view from the rest stop
Too much fog today, we can't see Pasadena
Somebody's doing the century on a mountain bike
Christophe is bored and cleans his bike
Surprising, I think, he never cleans it
Waiting for customers, I clean mine as well.
Trying to fit too much stuff in the car...
Another SAG vehicle takes some supplies
Tired but happy, our last customer.
Ready for going back down.
Damn, a flat.
Small-size spare, but it works.
Debbie and Chris' van at the finish.
Today's support crew.