A century on the Angeles Crest Highway

Friday morning, Christophe sends out a message "on saturday, I want to bike to Mt Wilson, then add Barley flats and maybe even push to Newcomb ranch for lunch". This sounds like a nice ride with plenty of climbing, so I immediately sign up for it. The weather forecast says sunny with temps in the 60s, it will be perfect.

Finally, our ride included: start at Caltech, going up to Mt Wilson, back to the Angeles Crest Highway, the steep climb to Barley flats, lunch at Newcomb ranch, and turnaround at Mt Waterman. I would have liked to continue a bit more, but Christophe was complaining about jet lag, and the sun was going down. We did 99 miles in 11:14 hours, and my altimeter said 12,740ft elevation gain although I think the true value was between 11,000 and 11,500ft. And we had temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees, I even got some sunburn

Starting the day - Coolmax socks and reflective stripes
Christophe is on time ! This is unusual.
we meet a couple on a Bike Friday tandem.
First rest stop at Clear Creek
The California Highway Patrol is everywhere this morning...
Climbing to Red Box, Christope goes fast and strong.
First view of the day on Mt Baldy covered with snow.
The radio and TV antennas on top of Mt Wilson.
The view down on Pasadena
If we are tired, we can always get a ride back !
The commemorative plate to Mr. Wilson.
Back to Red Box, Indian people are selling flutes.
Even the US flag reflects the indian american heritage.
At the top of Barley flats, we are very tired.
Another view of Mt Baldy
The CHP again ! Did we go over the speed limit ??
Newcomb ranch, gathering place for bikers. Lunchtime !
What about going skiing ? says Christophe
Well, there is not much snow left...
Cloud burst summit is our high point of the day
The lifts are open, even with such little snow. We turn back.
Back to Red box, Indian people are playing music.
Evening view on La Canarda and downtown LA
This was a nice ride, thanks Christophe !
Let's have a ribs dinner ! Here I boil the ribs...
... then gril them, with ample sauce dabbage.
... Christophe arrives with beer, smoked salmon and tiramisu.