A hot century on the Angeles Crest.

This saturday, I decided to do a century on the Angeles Crest. Christophe refused to ride more than Mt Wilson (54 miles), and nobody else seemed interested in riding in the heat, so I went alone. Of course, the problem when you go alone is, you don't follow the initial plan. I wanted to start at 6:30am, but didn't get going before 7:30am...

And for sure, it was very hot. More than 100F between 10am and 3pm, even with heavy-duty suncream I got tanned. There was a group of riders going up to Red Box, but past Red Box I was definitely the only insane cyclist on the road. I went from Caltech (~800ft) all the way to Dawson saddle (7901ft) and back, 107 miles with about 11,500ft of climbing.

Starting from Caltech.
I ain't seen no mountains there
Today I go on Woodbury...
... where I see a strange sign...
... then on Foothill.
No more water after Red Box, I fill everything
Mt Wilson ? Maybe tonight, on the way back
Charlton flats. Is this ranger station ever open ??
Newcomb Ranch, 11:30am. Fries and coke for me.
Old Triumph cars.
This old guy built the Mt Waterman ski lifts.
Entering Snow Crest. It's too hot !!
This glider, unlike me, enjoys the hot air.
After endless climbing, I'm at Dawson saddle.
Heat and climb nearly killed me.
Let's get some energy back: sandwich and tomato.
Looking on the north side of the mountains
Going down, a view of Dawson saddle.
By the way, did I mention the road was closed ?
Back to Red Box, I am perplex...
Wilson or not Wilson, this is the question.
The sun's going down, so do I.
Evening view on San Gabriel Mtns.