Another ride to Dawson Saddle

Christophe and I were at Clear Creek last saturday, hesitating between biking some more on the Angeles Crest or spending the day sleeping in the sun, when somebody wearing a California Triple Crown jersey arrived. Kerin ! She was with husband Pat, friend Renee and Renee's father Clem.

Pat turned back at Clear Creek and Christophe went up to Mt Wilson, so I continued with Kerin, Renee and Clem. Those were going strong and fast - VERY strong and fast - and we arrived at Dawson saddle 2 hours earlier than last time I went up with Christophe !! On the way back, I added a climb to Mt Wilson. Total mileage: 118 miles, total elevation: mmm, I forgot to check, 12000 or 13000 ft I guess.

6am. A traffic light fell on the street.
Kerin & Renee join us at Clear Creek.
Here's Pat. They're waiting for Renee's dad.
Christophe leaves us at Red Box.
Fire trucks, police, there was an accident here.
Renee arrives at Newcomb Ranch.
Nice and sunny day. A bit too hot though.
Another rescue vehicle, was there another accident ?
Notice where the motorbike landed on the mountain.
Here comes a helicopter to carry the wounded guy.
Helicopter landing, I wait until the wind goes down.
Wildflowers for Chihiro
A bit before 1pm, I join the girls at the top
Prosciutto's good to get some salt and proteins back.
Group picture near the elevation sign
On the way back I add a climb to Wilson
Ouch, reaching the top was really hard.