Giuseppe Toys dataset

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This is a database of toys from Pietro's son Giuseppe. Most of the objects of interest are stuffed animals and toy vehicles. The training set contains few images of each object (between 1 and 4). The test images are of three kinds: 1. scenes containing multiple objects from the training set. 2. pictures containing a single object from the training set. 3. images that do no contain any object from the training set.

The directories containing the dataset are:
Training images
Test - scenes
Test - single toy
Test - no toy
Each directory contains a subdirectory named 'Gtruth/', containing ground truth .mat files. The .mat files contain a variable 'outline'. For training images, 'outline' contains the corners of a bounding box defining the model in the training image. For test images, 'outline' contains the names of the models present in the image along with a bounding box for each of them. If a same training object is defined by several training images, 'outline' references all these training images, with the same bounding box.

You can also find a tar archive of the whole dataset in
Matlab code to display the content of this directory:

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