Permanent email address: pmoreels (at) vision (dot) caltech (dot) edu

mailing address: Caltech MS136-93, 1200 East California Blvd, Pasadena CA91125 - USA

I did my PhD under the supervision of Pr. Pietro Perona.
I defended my thesis in September 2007. Thanks to everybody in the Vision lab, I enjoyed the years spent there.


My main PhD research was focused on feature-based object recognition.

- List of publications

- Dataset - this dataset contains objects photographed on an automated turntable. Views are taken every 5 degree, the objects are photographed by two cameras.

- In 2003, I worked with Christian Moeller (art professor at UCLA) on an art exhibition. We called this work "the smiling project". The Pasadena Art Center wrote an article about this exhibition.



I have a bunch of pictures taken with various cameras. Many were taken on my bike, some others during trips. You can see them here.