Pietro Perona
Caltech 136-93 - Pasadena, CA 91125
http://www.vision.caltech.edu/pietroperona.htm - perona@caltech.edu

(a) Education
Università di Padova, Italy. Electrical Engineering. Laurea. 1985.
University of California at Berkeley. Electrical Eng. & Computer Sci. PhD 1990.
Massachusetts Institute. of Technology (MIT) Post Doc. - Computational Vision 1990-91

(b) Positions and Honors

Positions and Employment

Allen E. Puckett Professor 2008-
Executive Officer, Computation and Neural Systems program, Caltech 2006-
California Institute of Technology Professor of Electrical Engineering 1996-
Director, NSF Engineering Research Center at Caltech, 1999 – 2006
California Institute of Technology Assistant Professor 1991-96
Università di Padova Adjunct Associate Professor 1992-98


Best paper award, CVPR2003 Best recognition poster award, CVPR2004
Feynman award, Caltech, 1996 NSF National Investigator Award, 1994

(c) Publications (available from http://www.vision.caltech.edu/publications/publications.html)

(c.i) Selected peer-reviewed publications
1. MC Burl, M Weber, P Perona. A Probabilistic Approach to Object Recognition Using Local Photometry and Global Geometry. European Conference of Computer Vision, 1998.
2. M. Weber, M. Welling and P. Perona. Towards Automatic Discovery of Object Categories. Proc. IEEE Comp. Soc. Conf. Comp. Vis. and Pat. Rec., (CVPR2000), June 2000
3. Fergus, R. , Perona, P. and Zisserman, A. Object Class Recognition by Unsupervised Scale-Invariant Learning. Proc. of the IEEE Conf on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2003 
4. A Bayesian Approach to Unsupervised One-Shot Learning of Object Categories. L Fei-Fei, R Fergus, P Perona. International Conference of Computer Vision, 2003.
5. Ueli Rutishauser, Dirk Walther, Christof Koch and Pietro Perona. Is Bottom-up Attention Useful for Object Recognition? Proc. IEEE Conf on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2004 
6. Yang Song, Luis Goncalves, Pietro Perona. Unsupervised Learning of Human Motion. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. Volume 25 (25), July 2003
7. Claudio Fanti, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, Pietro Perona: Hybrid Models for Human Motion Recognition. CVPR (1) 2005: 1166-1173