City-wide panoramic visualization

Goal: To see all urban streets of the US online.

The Idea: When I graduated, I had to move out of the Caltech student apartments and find somewhere else to live. My search for a new home was done almost entirely online, except that I still had to go to the location to check it out, and 9 out of 10 times reject it on first sight. I wish I could just see city streets online!

The Solution: My long-term collaborator, Enrico Di Bernardo, and I decided to develop the technology to scan entire cities and view them online. The method is surprisingly efficient and cost-effective. We started a company based on the technology, called Vederi (from the Italian "vedere" - to see).

Related Publications:

- US Patent No. 6,895,126, and one more to issue soon.

You can use our online tool, the Vederi Streetbrowser, to take a virtual drive-through of beautiful Pasadena, California. Here's what it looks like (click on the image to go to the online tool):