Books I've read and summarized

Rule #1, by Phil Town

This is a book about investing. Kind of a simplified version of Warren Buffet's method of value-based investment. I like it because unlike other popular books on investing, it describes clear, concrete methods that you can put into practice. NOTE: it is summarized in hierarchical form, where the level of indentation denotes scope. Best viewed with Vim and folding!

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma

I liked this book because I already do a lot of the things he suggests. I think the author ran out of time and/or patience by the time he got to the last chapters of the book (or perhaps I did!). It's a book about how to live a happy fulfilled life, with a lot of advice. NOTE: I've summarized the book as a mindmap (and you need Java enabled in your browser to view it).