thumbnail image Luis Goncalves
Ph.D., March 2000
Computation and Neural Systems
California Institute of Technology
Vision Lab
luis at vision dot caltech dot edu
Director of the Machine Vision R&D Lab, at Datalogic
Research Interests
- Physics (foundations of quantum mechanics)
- Synthetic Biology
- Macroeconomics
- Sensory Substitution, Neural Plasticity
- Neocortical Modelling
- Computer Vision (Object Recognition, Motion/Structure Estimation)
- Machine Learning
- Human-Machine Interfaces
Recent Work (in reverse chronological order)
- Deep Learning for Industrial Inspection
- Sensory Substitution: Enabling the blind to See With Sound
- Automatic recognition of retail items for checkout fraud prevention
- Robust, real-time robot navigation and localization
- City-wide panoramic visualization
- Unsupervised learning of human motion models for person detection
- Real-time, computer-synthesized, realistic human motion
- Estimating 3-D human motion from a monocular view
~ f U n ~
- These are just some of my faaaavorite quotes ...
- Some books I've read and summarized
- It's fun to philosophize at a Socrates Cafe. There's one in Altadena!
- An excellent art class I took at the Art Center College of Design
- Some of my Drawings, and Paintings
- My in-class drawings
- The BEST book that will TEACH you how to DRAW
- David Luce's EXCELLENT Intro to Painting class (unfinished)
- A note about an interesting optical illusion I discovered once
- Some cool Qi Gong exercies from a fascinating book
- An EEG sensor I designed to study dreaming
The Future
- A new (control theoretic) framework for macroeconomics
- Disentangling quantum entanglement
- Shedding light on dark matter and dark energy
- The Brave New World of Synthetic Biology
- Neocortex Redux
- Retraining the brain to eliminate tinnitus