The Classical Record Section

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The only thing I can show you right now is a picture of my Turntable. It's a modified Thorens TD 124 Mk II , the best turntable you can get for your money. I am using the famous 12 inch tonearm SME 3012 , which has been totally rewired with Isoda Cable (the red cable). The music is picked-up from a DL 103 moving coil cartridge from Denon, used in broadcasting systems. Lead has been wrapped around the whole cartridge to give it more mass and to resist the impact from the stylus. On the platter you see one of the famous Shaded Dog's .

The next components in the music reproduction chain are a battery-driven pre-pre amplifier to adapt the low-impedance output of the moving coil cartridge to the pre-amplifier. Both components are from L'Audiophile , and, of course, connected by Isoda Cable. The next step in the signal path is currently a Marantz 8B tube amplifier from the early 60's, but still in a excellent condition and absolutely unmodified. The last component in the chain are wide range loudspeakers from Western Electric , yes, the famous WE 755A . Don't think these speakers lack of performance in the lower and upper end the sound spectrum only because they are single wide range speakers. Of course, the almost magical performance of these speakers lies in the extended mid-range, where classical music contains most information.

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Munich, August 14, 1996.
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